Zapping the Bolts


Well, first day blogging, and already good karma has come the Senators way. I missed the game tonight, but listened to it on the Team 1200.

Sounded like Spezza had a dominant game, Alfie was his usual awesome self, and Neil absolutely DESTROYED Victor Hedman. Not that I’ve ever been in the big leagues, but you really get the feeling that Hedman will not enjoy Ottawa as a place to play. First trip here, Sweden loses to Canada. Second trip here, he gets destroyed by Volchenkov. Third trip here, Neil plasters him with what Bob McKenzie called “an outstanding hockey hit”. Think he’ll be in a hurry to come back?

Way to go boys. Only 72 more points until the playoffs.

Updated: Video of the Neil-Hedman hit. I can’t believe the Tampa Bay announcer suggested that Neil only does these things at home… Anyone remember this in Buffalo?


Welcome to the party


Being a Senators fan is a strange thing. We haven’t won it all, but we’ve had a pretty impressive resume in recent years (last season notwithstanding). We’re sandwiched between the timid suits of Leaf Nation and the vocal (understatement) fans of Les Habitants. The city media is often terrible to our players,  but we’ve got (in my opinion) a group of some of the most passionate fans in the league.

I’ve started this blog as an outlet to some of the crazy Senators ideas I’ve had, to post some hilarious hockey related photos, to have a place to jot down some interesting notes from other teams around the league, and maybe even throw in the odd rational thought.

How will this turn out? I’m not too sure yet. It might end up being a set of links to interesting stories from around the league, or it might be real thought provoking Sens analysis every few days. Who knows – but I promise it’ll be a fun ride!